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About Me ŞEHNAZ ASKEROGLU Since 2015 I had many trainings based on beauty and aesthetics equipments ,dermatology and certificate programs . I took part in many educational courses and conferances in many counties as Paris, France, Los Angeles and in many places in the World.
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Venus Legacy Body Shaping  What is Venus Legacy Body Shaping ? Bad nutrition,less movement,smoking,less sleeping or pregnancy weakens connective tissue and collagen fibers lose their elasticty .The imbalance between fat production and fat burn in cells helps to create big fat cells which cause cellulite. Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy is an non-invasive lifting  treatm..
The Salt Facial What is Salt Facial ( Marine Salt Therapy) ? The Salt despite of beign  one of the principle minerals in our life has a great rule in cleaning renewing and healing effect on skin.  The Salt facial is a non-invasive skin renewal system that performs all together microdermabrasion,hydro-infusion,chemical/peeling and abrasive/non abrasive treatment..
Humidity Vaccine What is Humidity Vaccine ? When natural hydration lost in skin by time becomes volume losses , wrinkles and dryness problems . The complexes in humidity vaccine helps hyrulonic acid level to increase and helping to keep stable the skin’s hydration and creting a soft silky skin with balanced hydration level while preventing creation of thin li..